Sunday, 12 June 2016

How to get your CV noticed by a recruiter

A well written and presented  CV is much more likely to be read than that of a shabby unattractive CV.

The layout of your CV is very important and key factors must be included.

What should be included on your CV:

1.   Full Names ( and if you have a good photograph, this is optional not essential)
2.   Area of residence and area in which you are looking for a post
3.   Include on your CV if you have a drivers license and your own vehicle
4.   Ensure that you have a contactable number and email address on your CV - Important
5.   Age - However also not essential
6.   List your qualifications starting with your Highest grade achieved at school and then tertiary
7.   List your Employment history starting with the most current on the top

  • Include dates of employment ( March 2012 - December 2014)
  • Include duties and responsibilities
  • Include reasons for leaving

8.  Include reference details - leave your current place of employee referee off your CV


Included below is a link to a Free CV download
This CV is simple yet effective

Should you want professional assistance with setting up your cv go to or call us on 011 431 3542 to set up an appointment

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