Monday, 27 June 2016

How do I get a recruiter to respond to my application?

So you have done everything you are supposed to , you have prepared your CV and have emailed it numerous times to recruiters.

Realistically the main reason why Recruiters don't respond to you is because they just don't have time, Recruiters are only human and not miracle workers. They receive anywhere between 200 - 2000 applications per day making it nearly impossible to respond to every application received.

How to get a recruiter to respond to your application:

  1. Ensure that your CV is readable and well laid out
  2. Follow basic instruction within the job specification and how to apply - Thus showing the recruiter that you are able to follow instructions.
  3. Ensure that you have read the job specification and that you fulfill the job requirements ( chances are that if you don't fulfill the requirements they will not respond to you)
  4. Once you have submitted your CV to them wait 10 mins and call to ensure that they have received it, thus drawing there attention to your CV immediately. ( Job sites have gremlins and don't always deliver your CV to the destination intended).
  5. Follow up weekly with the recruiter, keeping your details fresh in their mind
  6. Very important - Don't invade personal space, call during office hours do not call them on their personal numbers unless they have specifically told you that you may
The unemployment rate is very high, thus meaning there are a lot more job seekers than jobs available.

Things to remember:

Recruiters have to complete reference checks, background checks etc on applicants they also need to follow up with applicants that have secured jobs through them. They need to ensure customer service is kept up to date with clients, Any recruiter at one time will have about 20 job openings at one time, this making their time very limited for a chat.

The jobs that a recruiter has available at a certain point in time is what they have, if they do not have anything available at that point within your required industry they will not be able to assist you. It is therefore important that you keep a look out for when these relevant positions become available and then contact the recruiter again. Recruiters are not able to create positions for you out of thin air.

You would need to allow at least 2 weeks response time from a recruiter, thus being due to the number of applications that have been received. 

Remember some things are out of their control, employers withdraw positions, place them on hold etc. This is as frustrating for a recruiter as for you, if not more frustrating.

Recruiters also need to wait on feedback from clients, even though they follow up regularly employers are not always forthcoming and can also be very difficult to deal with

Please remember Recruiters are human too! 

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